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Why Select Calpine Wireless Internet Service?

Calpine Wireless is a fast growing WISP located in Oroville, Califorinia. Founded in 2015, We provide Carrier Grade Internet service.  Our 4G LTE Internet equipment operates in a licensed frequency, unlike our competitors that use WiFi equipment.  Our equipment is backed by the industry leader in LTE equipment.  We are constantly expanding our coverage area to provide you a Fast / Reliable internet experience.  

We currently offer service in Oroville, Palermo, Loma Rica, Honcut and Thermalito. More Sites coming Soon. Please contact us with any questions you may have!

At Calpine Wireless, we take a different approach than our competitors. We don't oversubscribe capacity, we ADD capacity. We are continuously looking to add more towers locations to our network so that we can serve you the most reliable speeds and quality of service. Not only do we want the best service for you, we want it for ourselves. Our employees are also subscribers of our service!

If you own land that you feel is in a good tower location, please give us a call! We offer great incentives for tower site owners.