High Speed Internet

TRUE Broadband is Here!!


Features and Benefits:

FREE Tech Support
- NO Bandwidth Caps as compared to Satellite or Cellular
- NO Throttling, NET Neutrally network. It's your bandwidth, use as you wish.
- LOW LATENCY (avg ping time from customer to internet <50ms), great for gaming, VOIP, video chat, etc
 Affordable alternative to typical DSL or Cable
- No Phone line or Cable TV required save money $$$
- FREE Indoor wireless router to support whole house internet
- Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation, XBox,  iPhone/iPad, VPN, VOIP and more!
- Optimized Fiber Speed Network
- 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
- NO contract!

4G LTE Installation 

1.  Outdoor LTE Device

A standard installation is one in which the technician is able to mount the LTE Modem to anywhere on the house or other structure using a J-mount. Standard installations use anywhere from 20 to 100 feet of cable, which is either mounted on the outside of the house or structure via screw mounts or cable staples. A single hole is drilled through the wall and the cord is fed to the nearest power outlet for hookup. Any installation for which the technician must use more cable, use a tripod and pole, or other special equipment is non standard and will cost more than $200 dollar installation fee.

It is at the technicians descretion whether they will install through attics or crawlspaces (due to snakes, etc in crawlspaces, or asbestos, etc. in attics).

An Indoor Wifi Router is provided if needed.

Below is a list of prices for commonly used non standard installations and other services.
-Mounting Tripod $35.00
-10 ft Pole $15
- Extra Cable $50

2.  Indoor LTE Device (where available for installation ( Not all areas are available due to distance from Tower)

A Single device that Includes the following:  LTE Modem, 4 LAN ports, built-In Wifi

Calpine Wireless FAQ