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4G LTE Installation 

1.  Outdoor LTE Device

A standard installation is one in which the technician is able to mount the LTE Modem to anywhere on the house or other structure using a J-mount. Standard installations use anywhere from 20 to 100 feet of cable, which is either mounted on the outside of the house or structure via screw mounts or cable staples. A single hole is drilled through the wall and the cord is fed to the nearest power outlet for hookup. Any installation for which the technician must use more cable, use a tripod and pole, or other special equipment is non standard and will cost more than $95 dollar installation fee.

An Indoor Wifi Router is provided if needed.

Below is a list of prices for commonly used non standard installations and other services.
-Mounting Tripod $50.00
-10 ft Pole $20
- Extra Cable $50

It is at the technicians descretion whether they will install through attics or crawlspaces (due to snakes, etc in crawlspaces, or asbestos, etc. in attics).   
- $75.00/hr

2.  Indoor LTE Device (where available for installation ( Not all areas are available due to distance from Tower)

A Single device that Includes the following:  LTE Modem, 4 LAN ports, built-In Wifi

Features and Benefits:

FREE Tech Support
- NO Bandwidth Caps as compared to Satellite or Cellular
- NO Throttling, NET Neutrally network. It's your bandwidth, use as you wish.
- LOW LATENCY (avg ping time from customer to internet <50ms), great for gaming, VOIP, video chat, etc
 Affordable alternative to typical DSL or Cable
- No Phone line or Cable TV required save money $$$
- FREE Indoor wireless router to support whole house internet
- Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation, XBox,  iPhone/iPad, VPN, VOIP and more!
- Optimized Fiber Speed Network
- 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
- NO contract!

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